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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance


A good roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof.  A good roof system can be very expensive and one most planned ahead to get a new roof. In the meantime proving a good maintenance for your roof can save you thousands of dollars if your roof is in good condition.

Here’s a few tips to extend the life of your roof and avoid headaches such as leaks into your home, sheetrock repairs, new paint jobs and even insulation replacement.

(1)Debris Removal :



Specially during and after the fall, removing leaves and pine needles from low slopes, behind chimneys and skylights will help with a nicer water flow from the rain and snow and will not create a water dam. Just be careful climbing that ladder or call your local roofing company for any help.



(2)Clean your gutters


Regularly make a habit to clean up your gutters, if the water overflows behind them, it can cause your fascia to rot and your roof to leak.



(3)Inspect your roof at least twice a year


Take a good look at your roof. Do you have missing or cracked shingles. Does your roof penetrations have seams open or there’s signs of water infiltrations. Loose flashing around chimneys or walls. Are you having an excess of granules on your gutters.


(4) Inspect your attic



A periodic inspection of your available attic space can be quite beneficial to extending your roof’s life.


(5) Trim the trees around your house


Trees growing too close to your house will damage your house in general. The limbs will swing with the wind and will lift up the shingles and will cause leaks.

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