Procrastination vs Preparedness

Pro·cras·ti·na·tion :

“The action of delaying or postponing something”

Pre·par·ed·ness :

“To take precautionary measures in the face of potential problems. These actions can include both physical preparations (such as emergency supplies depots, adapting buildings to survive earthquakes and so on) and trainings for emergency action. Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes”

We are all familiar with the procrastination syndrome. When we procrastinate, we squander away our free time and put off important tasks that we should be doing till it’s too late.  And when it is indeed too late, we panic and wish we got started earlier.

Sometimes we love delaying things, putting off things, why do it today if we can do it tomorrow. It is a bad habit that  prevent us to get things done in life.

As the owner of a roofing company I see how often homeowners call us right before or after a bad tropical storm swept through the Hampton Roads area, and all of sudden they wants us to replace their roof tomorrow or next week. It is a cycle we see every year. They wait till last minute when their roof is leaking again or that stain in the ceiling is getting bigger. We love helping our clients, but we are usually 3 to 5 weeks out any time of the year, and that is common for any reputable home improvement business.

I love to show up to a house and the homeowner tells me  “I really don’t have any leaks or problems but I can tell that I got the life out of this roof  and need a new one” . That is a good homeowner preparing for down the road. Most of the time you can tell for many reasons when you are due for a new roof . Maybe the roof is 25-30 years old, it has stains, the shingles are curling up or down, the gutters or flower beds are full of granules from the shingles, you can see the shiny fiber glass on the shingles, etc.

Being proactive rather than reactive has it’s benefits in all aspects of life. When it comes to your home you can actually save a lot of money by having your home ready when the next hurricane or snow storm comes. You can save money by not having to do repairs caused by leaks inside the home (drywall, insulation, paint,etc) or replacing lots of plywood on the roof caused by leaks.

Be proactive in life and be prepared for anything. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

God bless