Finding Greatness In Gratitude


Gratitude illuminates everything. It “transforms common days into thanksgivings, turns routine jobs into joy, and changes ordinary opportunities into blessings” . It impacts how we see the world and the decisions we make. Gratitude gives us the strength and fortitude to overcome our challenges while also helping us recognize and appreciate our blessings.


You don’t need a reason (or a season) to show gratitude. Celebrate life’s gifts all year long. You’ll be grateful you did.


Qualities Of Grateful People

  • They have hope. It doesn’t matter what life dishes out. Grateful people know that difficult times pass, and there is always a new day ahead.
  • They are resilient. They adapt well to adversity. This doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from trauma, illness, or financial loss. They are just able to bounce back more quickly.
  • They don’t hold grudges. Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of letting anger and bitterness destroy them, grateful people forgive quickly and move on.
  • They learn from bad experiences. They ask themselves, “What has this experience taught me?” They use these lessons to either avoid going down the same path again or as stepping stones to a better life.
  • They are industrious. Grateful people get a lot of satisfaction out of hard work and are able to appreciate the fruits of their labor.
  • They have positive self-worth. They don’t need to reach perfection to be happy. Grateful people like who they are, which makes them more accepting of themselves and others who are different.
  • They are happier. Grateful people are happy and optimistic. They don’t allow negativity to weigh them down. They are also experts in recognizing the good in every situation.
  • They have stronger relationships. Their positive energy attracts positive people. Their connections are genuine and heartfelt, which build stronger and more trustworthy relationships.
  • They are healthier people.Research shows that “grateful people experience fewer aches and pains.” They are more likely to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and see their doctors for regular check-ups. (Research also shows that having positive emotions like gratitude can add up to 7 years to your life.)

Habits Of Grateful People

  • They keep a thankful attitude. Each day, they  remember at least one experience that day they are thankful for.
  • They meditate. They spend at least 10 minutes each day meditating, either before bed or when they wake up in the morning. (You can search “meditations on gratitude” on Google to find one that works for you. There are also many guided mediation podcasts available.)
  • They say “thank you” often. They are proactive in expressing their appreciation to those who contribute to their lives in meaningful ways. These gestures don’t have to be grandiose to warrant appreciation. They can be as simple as a child cleaning up after himself, a friend calling to say “hello,” or an employee completing his work on-time.
  • They look for blessings. They look for the good in everything. Even when storms rage around them, they are able to dance in the rain.
  • They don’t expect anything in return. Grateful people don’t give to receive. The act of giving is a reward itself.
  • Their conversations are positive and uplifting. They seek to take the high road in their thoughts and conversations. They try to eliminate any source of negativity, which includes gossiping, complaining, or criticizing.
  • They surround themselves with positive people. They know that in order to keep a positive outlook on life, they need to surround themselves with positive and uplifting people.

Greatness Is Found In Gratitude

Don’t wait another day to experience the positive changes of being grateful. What do you have to lose? Your greatness is waiting to be revealed.

All this to say that we are thankful for this great nation, our freedom, our families, health , a great team, our clients but most importantly our God and Creator. Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving !! Be blessed