Getting your roof ready for the winter in Hampton Roads

This used to not be a problem in the Hampton Roads area but it seems that in the past few years the winters have been getting worse and worse; snow, ice, rain, and constant freezing and thawing can take a toll on everything from roads to your roof.


Most people don’t pay too much attencion to their roof much, especially if it seems to be doing its job effectively. The reality is, however, your roof protects much of what is sometimes most valuable in your life. An undetected or unrepaired roof issue can lead to some very expensive repairs as the weather deteriorates. Trying to properly address those issues in the winter can be a challenge, specially since asphalt shingles won’t seal as much in extremely cold conditions or it will be very difficult to have a roofing contractor on your roof when the roof is completely covered with snow. That is why it is so important to have your roof inspected prior to the arrival of cold weather. Let’s take a look a some of the problems.

  • If you have water infiltrations now, when the weather turns cold those water leaks will freeze and expand. This will cause increasing larger leaks, and bigger problems. An inspection from your local roofer can help detect these seemingly “small” leaks and get them repaired before the freezing and thawing of winter.

  • Now is a critical time to clean your gutters and downspouts. You want to keep water from your roof moving freely away from your home. Gutters clogged with leaves and sticks can prevent that. As cold weather approaches, clogged gutters can lead to ice dams which can create a whole host of problems. Taking the time to clean your gutters and downspouts thoroughly is an effective way to help prolong your roof and drainage system.

  • An experienced roofing contractor can discover holes, leaks, cracks, and rotting wood. They can replace broken and missing shingles or open seams on flat roofing, specially on commercial buildings and detect and replace broken flashing issues. Many of these are relatively simple repairs if detected early. If you are not sure you can detect these problems yourself, hire an expert to help.

  • Check your downspouts to insure that water is draining at least 5 feet away from your home’s foundation. This will help prevent the freezing water from affecting your home’s foundation during the winter.

  • If you have a good rain-suit and umbrella, take a walk around your home during a heavy rain and look at how water drains from your roof. You should be able to spot any obvious drainage problems.

  • Any water spots on your interior ceilings are a sure sign of water intrusions and should prompt a call to your local roofing contractor.

  • Now is also a good time of the year to make sure your fireplace and chimney are cleaned. The cost of a professional chimney sweep can be a very good investment, preventing a potentially dangerous fire.

Well, again thank you for taking the time to read this, if you or anyone you know have any roofing needs please don’t hesitate to call us. We will be glad to help.


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