"Some of The Most Common Roofing Problems"




These are some of the most common roofing problems that I have encountered during the years in this industry when we are repairing or replacing a residential or commercial roofing job.  Because of our experience we know that these areas are more likely to leak. When you have a water intrusion on your house or building pay attention to these areas or when you have a new roof installed make sure your prefered roofing contractor pays special attention to these areas.   


Leaky Pipe Collars 



These are the pipe boots that cover the PVC or Iron pipes for your kitchen or baths.  The rubber around the boots usually corrodes or cracks after 10 years or definitely before the roof expires.  


Damaged or Missing Shingles 



This is probably the most common leaky area. Over time the shingles will loose their stickiness to one another due to just being old and will eventually deteriorate.  Some roofing manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty for some of these shingles but I have not seen an asphalt roofing shingle last more than 30 years, and in some cases even 15 to 20 years for the traditional 25 year 3tab shingle.


Damaged Roof Penetrations 



 This will be sometimes heat stacks, drier vents, roof vents or pipes. 


Leaky Valleys



Roofing valleys are a very tricky area if the person installing it is not an experienced roofer. We have seen some of these areas leak within months after a brand new roof is installed.


Damaged Flashing on Roof Penetrations 



The flashing is the metal that covers the transition between the roof and the parapet walls on roof penetrations, usually made of aluminum or copper. The walls that are not flashed properly usually leak because they develop cracks on the roof cement or they were not overlapped properly during the installation. 


Clogged Gutters (fascia Boards) 



The gutters are the drainage for your roofing line and if they are not cleaned often they will get backed up and the water that accumulates on them will get behind the fascia board and even into your home. 


Siding Installed Improperly 



The vinyl or wood siding can cause a lot of damage if it is not installed by a professional.  If the leak develops behind the siding the damage will be on the wall, roof and even into the house. Many times when we are replacing a roof we will run into a wall that has been leaking for a long time and has damage that can't be repaired anymore, only replaced. 



Leaky Brick



Yes, your brick will leak eventually if it's not sealed properly over time.  Many times we run into these situations when a homeowner will call us because they have a leaky chimney or wall. After I inspect the roof I tell them that the mortar and the brick has to be re-sealed with a silicon based sealer and the crown of the chimney has to be re-done with mortar or another synthetic option. If the brick is not sealed properly it becomes like a sponge and will soak up water that will eventually bleed through the brick into your house. 



Well, thanks for reading this, these are some problems that will cause leaks but there is many more that will cause your roof to leak, and don't even get me started with flat roofing, that is a whole other beast. 

I hope this was of some help. 






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