Here is one simple tip that can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next roofing project.


    I run into this situation way to often, and even though this is not in my best interest to share because I make a living replacing roofs or repairing roofs it is a duty of mine to inform and educate homeowners. I know most home owners or building owners might already know this but still neglect to do it. Many people call us because they have water intrusions on their homes or buildings and when I arrive to give an estimate I find that those leaks could've been prevented with this single tip. Many times most of the roof will be in good condition or could of had a few more years of life left to it, but by the time we get the call it is too late because of the extensive damage done in some areas from leaks.


IMG_00000547 *Not this roof by the way. This one was a lost cause 😉 


I recommend that every few years, homeowners get a reputable roofer to do a roof inspection. It will be a tremendous help for the life span of the roof and for their wallets. I have been on so many roofs where I will run into leaky skylights, chimneys, pipe boots, missing shingles, or any other roof penetration that has damaged the performance of the roof. It could have been prevented or addressed months or even years before if only it was inspected.  Homeowners can save a lot of money instead of paying for a big repair job or buying a whole roof replacement and even preventing damage inside their homes from occurring. In some cases they have to pay for sheet-rock, paint jobs and insulation repairs that could cost hundreds of dollars.




Even doing the small things can make a big difference. Cleaning the debris that accumulates on the valleys, chimneys, parapet walls, low slope, and roof vents, etc. is always a preventative measure to keep your roof lasting as long as possible.


IMG_20140517_113015       IMG_20140517_113325



All the trash that accumulates behind or on them will stop the water flow from the rain and cause the water to get backed up and get behind your shingles or any other roofing system and cause a water or moisture infiltration.


IMG_20140529_125043       IMG_00000630


 Another good thing to do regularly, is to seal exposed flashing or pipe boots on the roofs, because many times the flashing will pull off the brick or any other surface that it is attached to.





Additional ways to save money in the long run is cleaning out your gutters. Many times all the trash that accumulates in them will cause the water to overflow and damage the fascia boards behind it, the soffit, roof decking and even rafters in some extreme cases and that in turn causes the wood to rot.






So there's the simple tip that can save you hundreds of dollars and headaches!  Do frequent maintenance to your roof and gutters and I promise you it will pay off in the long run.




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