Ice Dams



    This has to be one of the longest winters I have witnessed since I've lived in Virginia. It snowed yesterday and we had 2 more snow storms before that, and don't even get me started with these cold temperatures. It has been miserable for us to work in these low temperatures. We have had to cancel our schedule quite a bit.


    When you see all the salt on the roads and all the potholes on the roads think about all that asphalt deterioration, well, the same thing happens to your roof.  Your house being exposed to all the elements and weather changes can create great damage to your roof. One of the biggest problems I have seen in the past few weeks are Ice dams. It is a problem that only occurs when there's accumulation of ice or snow on your roof for more than a few days. I have witnessed this problem many times in the past, especially because I used to install roofs in the northern states. The continual heating/cooling of snow on a sloping roof melts and flows down the roof until it reaches an area cold enough and then refreezes, usually at the eaves (gutter line or edge of the roof). The ice formed in such a way often grows and "backs-up" the roof, pushing its way under the shingles and damaging everything in it's path. Some of the melting ice coming from the heat of the attic will then go into the house causing damage in your insulation and ceiling. 




    But I have good news! There is a way to prevent this from happening. Talk with a professional roofing expert about this. One of the many ways to prevent this is by installing a vapor barrier or leak barrier in the areas prone for this to happen. We use Winter-Guard by CertainTeed or WeatherWatch by GAF.  This is just one of our areas of expertise. Leaks and damage to your roof can occur in so many other areas, like skylights, low slope areas, chimneys, etc. Please give us a call if you are looking for a professional roofing contractor in the Hampton Roads area. Its one thing to install a roof, (most roofers can do that) but to install a Roofing System that will last a lifetime, leave it to a highly trained and certified professional. 


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