"Roofing Systems of Hampton Roads"

J. Montes Inc. and Roofing Systems of Hampton Roads. Let's rewind a little and go back a few years…

A little about me.

I started in Texas in the commercial roofing industry back in 1998 at the age of 18 years old. After a few years of working and going to college full time, I decided to dedicate myself completely to the construction industry during my second year of Engineering School. It was a tough decision but I had to quit school in order to help my mom, who was a single mother, raising 5 kids on her own (my dad left the picture years before). I'm the oldest, so I always felt it was my responsibility to help the most, and I'm glad I did, as I was able to help my brothers get through college. We have a Lawyer in the family, an Economist, my sister is a Communications Major (Married to a Judge), we also have a Business major. One of my brothers went to one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation (now I'm just bragging). A couple of them have Masters degrees and one even has a Doctorate. All of these accomplishments thanks to a hard working mother and by the Grace of God.

Then there's me, the college dropout, working as a roofer, breaking my back and hating it, well not really, actually it wasn't that bad, I have always enjoyed working outdoors and I also enjoyed the camaraderie with the guys. For some weird reason, I have always seen the positive things even in the worst of situations. For many years, I was working in the residential and commercial field. I worked for one of the biggest builders in the nation, building schools, airports, churches , neighborhoods, etc. We also did all types of residential jobs from the foundation of the homes all the way up to installing the last light bulb. At one point I was running big commercial crews with much older and more experienced men than me. I'm sure it was kind of hard on them to listen to a 25 year old telling them what to do, but I have always believed in treating people the way you would want to be treated so we always got along.

I established myself in the Hampton Roads area in 2005 and I started working for some of the main roofers and builders in the area, doing mostly residential work. I started working for roofing companies as a subcontractor for many years before I decided to go on my own. I noticed that most of these roofing companies would sell a job and consider it just another roofing job (as long as it doesn't leak we are good). Instead, they should have been taking the time to educate the homeowner and invest time with them, trying to see which color options would be best for the house and the neighborhood, which type of shingles are better and have the best ratings in the market, what's the best ventilation system to keep the attic cooler, etc.

For these and many other reasons, we created the company years ago and started as a small corporation called J Montes Incorporated. We didn't think much about the name, our main focus was to do quality jobs at affordable prices. It was hard at first, a good company requires thousands of dollars each month to survive. In the beginning I had to use personal savings to keep the company running. It was scary at first, as I lost money in some jobs because I was just trying to get the name of the company out there. I felt it was important to maintain the quality of the products we were installing, so I reduced costs instead, barely making enough to survive. It was tough and scary because I had a family to support and I didn't know how to start from zero. The only thing in my mind was to do the best I could and offer the best product and customer service to each client.

Well, it worked. We started by having one job a week, then a few, then being a week behind, then two weeks, then 3 weeks! It was crazy how God provided our needs! Now we are constantly about 2 to 3 weeks behind and our clients are willing to wait for us. We always prioritize the clients that have leaky roofs or go and try to do a quick patch, if we are not able to replace their roof for days. We always try to work with each client on an individual need basis, because each job and each client are unique in their own way.

After the company started growing and we got some recognition, we started wearing t-shirts and hats with the company name and using yard-signs to promote the business in the neighborhoods we were working on. Then a concern was raised, not many people knew what J Montes Inc. was or meant. People didn't know if we were a sheetrock company, or concrete or any other trade, so I decided to use a name that would identify what we did best. So, I came up with "Roofing Systems of Hampton Roads" and went to register the name to the State of Virginia so nobody would be able to use it.




The name of the Corporation is still J. Montes Inc., we just use Roofing Systems of Hampton Roads as a trademark or advertising name, so, yes we are both the same, thanks for reading this boring stuff… 

Jon Montes


Whatever you do, work heartily, as for The Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.

Colossian 3:23-24