Well I guess this particular blog has nothing to do with roofing, but instead it is about serving and what we can do for others. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and the mentality here in our company. After many years of living here in the Hampton Roads area, I got the opportunity to meet many people and had the privilege to serve them in some kind of way. Sometimes by doing some type of roofing installation or repair in their house, providing peace of mind knowing that they don't have to worry about their roof for many years. Other times by just helping people in need. Countless times I have gone to houses because they needed a roof repair. Sometimes, after I inspected the roof and gave an estimate, the customer would find they weren't able to afford the repair, so I would do the repair free of charge. I only had one condition, that they would go online and give us a review or let us put our yard sign on their house for a few days. Sometimes they forgot to give us the review, other times they would give us the nicest reviews or let us leave our yard sign for weeks! We have installed a few roofs free of charge to customers that were in great need of help, every time we had bad storms they were very stressed because they had many leaks going inside the house but couldn't afford a new roof. Those few occasions were greatly satisfying to us, we can't explain the joy of literally giving someone a roof over their head! I really wish I could do it for every other customer in need but we got families to support as well, hopefully as we grow we hope to do more.

I had the privilege, during college, to experience a few mission trips with my local church, involving feeding the poor and building structures for people in need. It was a very eye opening experience for me, as I realized that some people had so much and others had so little or nothing at all. I felt then how much I wanted to give to those in need. Many times not just in a monetary way, but most importantly in a spiritual way by sharing the good news of the Gospel of Christ, one can have it "all" on this earth but without the Good News of the Gospel we have nothing at all. (Mark 8:36) 

Our company has had the privilege to help fund many organizations (profit and non-profit). One of these organizations has a special place in our heart. It is an orphanage abroad, where children of all ages, that have been rejected by society and even by other orphanages are taking care of.  This orphanage is run by a person that has the biggest heart I can possibly imagine. The children that get dropped off here are sick, sometimes in a terminal stage, other kids are mentally ill, others have body malformations and are in wheelchairs or beds all day. It breaks my heart to see a little one fighting for his/her fragile life. It really makes you thankful for what you have.  Life is not always about what we can get from others (money, affection, respect, love) but about what we can do for others. Sometimes just a smile, just a hug, sometimes just sitting with a person and listening to what has been going on in their life can make a difference. Life is too short to worry about frivolous things.

I don't see much point of being blessed and not blessing others. I'm really trying to improve myself in this aspect of my life. If God gives me the opportunity to get old, I don't  want to look back and have regrets about things I could've done better for my family or others; love my wife and kids more, love God above all things, serve my community better, spend more time with my family, read my kids stories at night, go to watch their soccer games, be there for them and always give them a word of encouragement when things are going wrong in their lives. I have always considered a man a failure if he has succeeded in business but failed as a father or husband, but that's just my humble opinion. One day all of us will be in our death beds and if our lives were driven by money and success we will regret spending so much time at work or climbing the ladder of success instead of spending quality time with our loved ones. Our life is a mist, it is like the flower on the hill, it is here for a moment and then is gone. Let's use our time wisely. 

Thanks for reading.

Jon Montes 


"Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves"

Phillippians 2.3