In our last blog we talked about the importance of attic ventilation for your house and roof and how essential it is. Most people don't give it a second thought but like we said before, poor attic ventilation can result in voided warranties, damaged roofing materials, costly repairs and all kinds of problems. Proper ventilation keeps the bottom of the roof-deck cool throughout the year, prevents attic temperatures from getting too high during the summer months resulting in the "baking" of the shingles and causing them the blister and break, it also prevents heat from rising to the roof-deck in the winter creating "ice-dams". A reliable roofing company will always inspect for proper ventilation during any roofing project.

Different types of Roofing Ventilation:

Intake Vents:  Placed on the lowest edge of the roof (soffit), these vents provide the attic with a nice air flow that will enter from the eaves. Homes with wide soffit section can use either continuous soffit vents or under eave vents, either one will allow air to enter the attic to create a nice flow. These vent should never be covered with insulation or any other material, homes with inadequate soffit areas or really small areas can use "Smart Vent" or "Vented-Dripedge" along the roof's edge.

Exhaust Vents:  Placed at the highest points of the roof or within a few feet, these vents "pull" the air inside as it leaves the attic. These are really important and even if you don't have "Intake Vents" you should really have plenty "Exhaust Vents"  it is always recommended to have both but not always mandatory.

Ridge Vents:

Are cut into the top ridge (peak) of the building, about 1 1/2" usually on each side. This system is ideal for basic roofs with a long ridge area and a minimum of 4/12 pitch, the performance will increase with in-take soffit vents as well. They blend in perfectly with the house ridge lines, however they will not work all the time,  especially on homes with low pitch, "hip roofs" (pyramid) or  roofs with multiple roofing sections where the top ridge lines are really short, in that case we have our next ventilation system.


Power Vents:

These types of vents run on electricity, they force the air out of the attic area "pulling" the hot air. The problem with these type of vents is that in the summer months they will not stop running costing more money to a homeowners electrical bill. However, there's another option, the "Solar-PowerVents" makes a great option, they are a lot more costly (around $500).  However, the downside of these ventilation system is that after a few years the motor stops working so the homeowner finds himself installing a new motor or replacing the whole Power Vent.


Static Roofing Vents:

The traditional choice for many years, they are the simple square boxes that sit near the peak of the roof, they always stand out, while they are not the top choice in our company they are a lot of  times the best option for some of our customers (price wise).

Gable Vents:

The ones found near the peak of the roof on the sides (siding or brick) , they are usually decorative and create a nice flow of air also. Some manufactures do not recommend having gable vents and other types of "Exhaust Vents" in use.

Turbine Vents:

A traditional choice for many years as well, we personally do not recommend this type of vents for many reasons, when is really windy is when they are working its hardest but it is also when they are needed the least.  When its really hot they are working the least but its when they are needed the most. Other points to consider are depressurization and they are noisy as well. One of turbine vents biggest problems happens  sometimes with a  bad storm, the top part of the turbine will come off leaving a big hole on the roof during the storm and then paying a Roofing Contractor to have it re-installed.


Proper attic ventilation is a huge component of the roofing system. J. Montes Inc. will always recommend the best system for you home. We are privileged to serve Hampton Roads with our services. It is important to hire a Reliable Roofing Company that will not just recommend the best type of ventilation system but the right amount as well. Please contact us if you are the Virginia Beach area, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk and the peninsula.

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