Who needs a roof inspection?


One of the most important aspects of the biggest investment in your life – your home – is the roof that protects it from the elements. It is important to keep your roof in good condition. If you start noticing damaged, cracked or missing shingles and do nothing, it will cost you more in the long run because you are going to have to replace shingles, damaged plywood, wet insulation, sheetrock, and more.

Calling a roofing company every couple of years to inspect your roof is very smart. If you are in the Hampton Roads area please give us a call and we will stop by and give you a free inspection and if necessary will do periodic maintenance and repairs that are needed. We service all of the Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Smithfield etc.


There are many factors involving maintenance in your roof:

– Look for missing, cracked or curling shingles

– Make sure gutters, downspouts, collection boxes and roof drains are clean of debris.

– Clean leaves, twigs, dust, dirt that collect on your valleys, crickets, chimneys, and the whole surface of the roof.

– If you notice any leaks, immediately notify your roofing contractor to take care of it as soon as possible in order to avoid spending more money in the long run.

– During a bad storm take a good look in your attic because sometimes there will be a small leak that will not bleed thru the insulation and sheetrock.

– Every time you have a satellite dish, TV antennas, A/C units, light tunnel, dryer machine vent, etc. installed in your roof, have your Roofing Company check the roof because most of the time installers are not roofing experts and the installation can lead to a damaged roof if not done properly.

– Look for excessive shingle granules in your gutters (this is a really bad sign)


If your roofing system has some of these symptoms call us for a roof inspection and we will be able to tell you how much longer your roof will last.